Charming Summer Wedding

With today being the official first day of Summer, we thought we’d take a look back at Camila and Barry’s charming summer wedding that took place here at the Castle last August. The couple could not have asked for a better summer day. Camila arrived early that afternoon to our grand suite where her and her bridesmaids got ready in style. The excitement from both Camila and Barry was apparent from the natural smiles on their faces from the moments they each arrived. Mid-afternoon made for the perfect time for a first look as all the bridesmaids and groomsmen watched on from the bridal suite deck enjoying the view with the sun shining down on them.

As the ceremony began, Camila and myself watched each of their family members and friends walk down the aisle from the window above. She looked absolutely stunning and so happy to marry the man that waited for her beneath the arbor adorned with sunflowers. The violinist played as she descended from the bridal suite to meet her father. She looked absolutely breathtaking with her timeless veil trailing behind her.

When she joined hands with her soon-to-be husband at the alter, they knew this moment is what they had been waiting for. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful as they both said their own vows without writing anything down. I remember Barry saying to Camila how she had taught him about mindfulness and appreciating the moment you are in. And with that, he had her turn to their families and loved ones as they took in this moment together. Looking on to everyone who meant so much to them, the smell of the air, the sight of the gorgeous flowers, the feel of the warm summer day, the Castle in front of them, sound of the violinist and the love the felt for each other in that moment. That, to me, was the most memorable ceremony I had been to.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails on the deck before heading in for dinner and dancing and the rest is history. We had the pleasure of seeing Camila and Barry on Valentine’s day where they got to revisit the venue where they were wed and tell us all their favorite parts of their charming summer wedding.

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Photography: Kindred Photography

Videography: Wedding Belle Studios

DJ: Josh Torres

Violinist: Ariana Strings

Cake: Del Prete Bakery

Make up: Jennie Fresa

Hair: Yaharia Daniels


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    Lani Bohenko

    I am so upset you need a minimum of 125 people ft your guest list. I wanted to have my weeding here so bad. Are there ever any exceptions???

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    Yajaira Daniel

    Beautiful pictures thanks so much for sharing! I love seen my work after the weddings.;)
    I’m the hairstylist my name is Yajaira Daniel is it possible to correct my name in the credits. Thank you

  3. Reply

    Kelly Alvarez

    By far, the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever had the honor of attending.

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