Halloween Wedding

I don’t even know where to begin with this spectacular Halloween Wedding. Bill and Colette came to the Castle in 2013 looking for the ideal venue for their not-so-average wedding theme. Needless to say, they found just the place.

With just over two years to plan and two Halloweens to pass before their big day, they had plenty of time to perfect every little detail. Nothing, I mean nothing, was overlooked. From the “cursed” guest book that signed itself, to the placards being toe-tags with each guests’ cause of death placed next to the jars with Bill and Colette’s floating heads, to the cupcakes with sugar that looked like chards of glass… the list goes on. (And don’t worry, all those photos are below).

When Bill and Colette told me that all of their guests would be coming in costume, I was sure that only a little over half would really dress up. I was so wrong. Everyone came in amazing costumes, complete with makeup and props. Even all the vendors dressed up. Who else do you know has their Justice of the Peace come dressed as Wednesday Adams? And by the request of the bride and groom, our waitstaff served guests with their faces painted as sugar skulls and skeletons.

As you scroll through the pictures you’ll really appreciate the work by Stephen Wang. From the daytime portraits, to the night shots with the smoke bombs and all the detail in between, he captured this wedding phenomenally. Every time I see the family portrait with the entire groom’s family in costume, I can’t stop laughing. It reminds me of how much fun this wedding was.

You can tell how relaxed Bill and Colette were all day. Just take a look at their couples shots; they’re sure to put a smile on your face. Bill is a wedding photographer himself and Colette doubles as wife (then fiancé) and assistant from time to time. With all the weddings they have worked, the two of them sure figured out how to do a wedding in their own special way.

Enough from me! Read what the bride had to say about her Halloween Wedding and then check out these amazing photos! Video links below as well.

From the Bride:

“When Bill and I began planning our wedding, we knew we wanted a big Halloween party in a one of a kind venue. We had only one venue in mind because it fit our theme perfectly. We didn’t even look at any other venues. When we had our walk-thru upon booking, we stepped onto the dance floor and I immediately got goosebumps! I knew we were choosing the perfect place! Our theme was Halloween but not cliche’ Halloween, more Victorian Haunted Mansion. Victoria was amazing to work with! She loved our ideas and helped them to fruition. Our day flowed so smoothly, and she worked with our other vendors fluently. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, better venue, food, entertainment etc. Our guests STILL talk a year later about our wedding! Thank you Bill Miller’s for the best day ever!”


From the outside, you would think it was just a gorgeous October day and everything seemed ordinary…

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Venue: Bill Miller’s Castle

Photography: Stephen Wang Photography

Dress: Maymac

Hair: Blew LLC

Video: MebCinema 
Paper goods/escort cards/signs: Crafty Bean Design


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